Imperfect as it is, I love my life. No matter what happens, I am always his wife, their momma, and most importantly HIS daughter. With that, everything is peachy! I can't imagine living life any other way. I cherish God's Grace on my life and my family's life everyday.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Eve preparing for Jesus, Santa, and the reindeer

Here's a few more photos from Christmas Eve night.  Preparing for Jesus, the big guy in the red suit, and the flying reindeer. haha.

 On Christmas Eve night, we put a candle in the window to let Jesus know that there is always room in our home for Him. We  usually put the candle (battery operated) in the window inside the house, but Emilee wanted to take it outside. I agreed, but that was a bad idea. The wind Arctic wind  was so bad that night that it immediately blew it down and broke the cover. Thankfully though, the candle still worked and we just took it inside and put it in the window.

Kimberly holding the candle before it got broken.

And now Kimberly cleaning up the pieces of the broken cover from the candle.

Emilee with the candle and Jamie holding the bowl of oats for the reindeer.

The big girls helping Emilee throw out oats for the reindeer.

And now carrots. HA!! look at her wind blown hair! It was FRIGID out there and the wind just cut right through you!

Putting water out for the reindeer.  I filled the bottle up with HOT water in the house and held it to keep warm until it was time to give it up ;)

Jamie took the water from Emilee because she was squirting Jamie with it ;)  You have to watch that girl with the water hose too! She'll come after ya!

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