Imperfect as it is, I love my life. No matter what happens, I am always his wife, their momma, and most importantly HIS daughter. With that, everything is peachy! I can't imagine living life any other way. I cherish God's Grace on my life and my family's life everyday.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year, A New Me

Yup, that's what I'm aiming for! A new me this year! Losing weight, getting in shape, being more comfortable to just be me, and just having a rockin 2011!  So far, a viral infection is trying to slow me down, but I'm still keeping on track, so take that! ;) I'll try to keep updates on here periodically. I want to lose like 80 lbs. More than that really, but this is where I want to start. It's alot, but it's doable. And I have plenty of support and inspiration around me.  No excuses. I'd like to lose 50lbs by May, so we shall see. And I really need to keep reminding myself of how close that really is! Four months! I'm sure you'll all agree how quickly time flies. This time four months ago, we were planning Halloween costumes and now we're already in the midst of a new year!  I am going to have to kick my own butt along the way and really keep on track because I want to be proud and happy to take pictures with everyone at Jamie's high school graduation at the end of May. And you know what?  That means, I'll be happy and proud to be in pictures during all the summer fun in shorts weather! hehe. I'm excited to uncover things about myself that confidence will uncover when I lose the weight.

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