Imperfect as it is, I love my life. No matter what happens, I am always his wife, their momma, and most importantly HIS daughter. With that, everything is peachy! I can't imagine living life any other way. I cherish God's Grace on my life and my family's life everyday.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Footprint and Handprint Crafts

If you haven't come across this website Footprint and Handprint Crafts yet, well then you're sure to be spending alot of time on there from now on! It's amazing and crammed full of projects using your little one's hand and footprints! Who doesn't love that?!

I was inspired by this craft project where they used painted handprints and a footprint to make a turkey, but I wanted to make an applique instead. Because we all know I have plenty of fabric scraps laying around!

So, off I went tracing Emmy's hand and foot. Then used the scraps of fabric I had on hand, turning them into appliques with iron on backing. Incidentally, you can get a yard of iron on fabric backing for less than $2 at JoAnn's fabric.   I added the feet to it and painted the face on. I think it turned out quite girly and cute.  What do you think? Sort of looks like a cross between a turkey and a peacock to me. lol.

Here's the hand and footprints and cut out so you can see them.

And here's the finished product all ready to wear for Turkey Day!

By the way, I cooked a turkey today. lol. We eat alot of turkey and chicken around here, so I picked up one to make for dinner and then for sandwiches for lunch for the week. It was YUMMY! Turkey, mashatatoes (as Emmy says it) and gravy. Sooo good!

I just have to say one more time how awesome the website that I listed above is. I cannot wait to make the footprint penguin, Santa's sleigh,  and so on and so on. This site is great for all year long!

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