Imperfect as it is, I love my life. No matter what happens, I am always his wife, their momma, and most importantly HIS daughter. With that, everything is peachy! I can't imagine living life any other way. I cherish God's Grace on my life and my family's life everyday.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I think it's time for me to make Emilee a cape!  A SUPER GIRL cape! That's right, because she thinks she's a super hero! She stretches her arm and hand out and goes "WHOOSH!" like she's flying away. Then she says she's going to "WHOOSH" into the tv to fix it. THEN she says, "I can fix EVERYTHING!"  Oh? You can? "YEAH! I GOT MY BACKPACK!" So... as far as I can tell, she's got a combination of powers. She's supergirl that's flying away, she can jump into televisions like Blue's Clues, and she has a Rescue Pack like Diego! Yep, I think this girl needs a cape!

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